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For girls just beginning to experiment with make-up, the selection available can be intimidating. For girls who know what products they like, finding products that suit their needs while still being affordable can be a challenge. We've searched long and hard to find high-quality, affordable cosmetics and make-up for all girls.

Give your look a complete make-over, update your make-up collection with fashion's latest colors, or learn the ins and outs on what make-up is and how to apply it with our cosmetics and make-up collections.

Makeup for Crossdressers...
Blush Brush [716904]
Eye Makeup Remover [1604]
Eye Shadow Brush [716919]
Eyebrow Shaping Kit [1800]
Flawless Complexion Gel [0558]
Lipstick [6391/6491]
Mascara with Keratin [4208]
Perfect Finish Setting Spray

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